Our Services


Our company take great care to develop plan which are possible to be financed and realised, our philosophy is to design viable plans and strategies.

High Level Consulting

Our company will provide you the best consulting in the market, with top notch with more than 15 years of experience in technical, IT and Financial, our project will be our unique priority

Best Financial Consulting

Our company take great care to provide you the best financial engineering in the market, our company will develop multiple scenarios and solutions to finance your project.

TAC Technology

Our company hold one of the most dynamic Research & Development division, we develop in-house all type of software to masterplan your project and we develop also new financial solutions


Our company has many time being awarded by several financial and Investment associations and governments for our capacity to provide very unique solutions to private clients or governmental clients.

New vision

TAC is one of the most advanced company in the market, our company use the Artificial Intelligence to predict occupancy and design this urban planning etc.. our in-house AI is unique and used only by TAC, several consulting company use our solution.